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Mr Roboto Game Studio is a new video game developing company based in Madrid. We begin our journey full of ideas ,good wishes, pasion and willing to hard work. We are pretty sure your'll love our projects as much as we do. Come on! Take a look!

Hope: The other side of adventure

every thing is about perspective

Games are about adventure. That's why you usually incarnate a brave prince who must go through a great journey full of enemies, fights, puzzles and secret passages in order to rescue a helpless princess locked up on the top of the enemy's hightest tower. It's looks like fun, doesn't it? But how about living that great adventure from another point of view? How about being the princess?


save your last breath

It is said that the last breath is a very long one. Your whole life passes in front your eyes, even though it’s a matter of a few quantums of energy being lost. But what if you could lead that energy to live again?

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